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 It's so great that you share this with us

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BeitragThema: It's so great that you share this with us   Mi Aug 03, 2011 1:04 pm

Hello. I recently got 40 year old virgin. When I attempted to create a backup of the original, I realized that my new AnyDVD didn't work coupled with dvdShrink!! Ahhh the humanity!!I tried DVDFab as well, and that software didn't work as well. The only recourse I had left was CloneDVD3. And let me tell you, it succesfully backed up a copy, but the backup itself was horrendous to say the least.First off, I know it isn't because the original is a bad press, because I tried it on Serenity as well and in both instances it gave me the same result. Wow, the final backup for both movies sucks of lycanthropic booty. First, the subtitles in both movies, work at times, and at others, they simply disappear. To make it worse, 40 year old virgin, the screen goes black on you at some point!! The DVD's I am using are Memorex, and the burner is a Sony dual layer 2x and single layer 16x. I burned both at 16x speed.I strongly suspect, that it is CloneDVD3 making the horrible backups. Anyone has an opinion on this matter?
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It's so great that you share this with us
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